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Innovative solutions for blood purification

Saving lives when it matters the most by reducing therapeutic failure and death and better
monitoring patient in ICU exposure to extracorporeal circulation

We develop solutions to improve the management of patients likely to be exposed to medical devices used in extracorporeal circulation (MDEC):

Innovative technology
to tackle sequestration

Unique patented in vitro method to evaluate the sequestration of drugs by medical devices used in extracorporeal circulation.

R&D&I on qualifying the best materials for medical devices

New medical devices and treatments to specifically target molecules of interest such as contaminants in the context of EIDs and NRBC.

Digital tools development to better assist clinicians

Developing a decision companion for health professionals to make the right choices for patients in ICU.

Services for MD manufacturers

We are developing services for Medical Devices manufacturers who aim to characterize better the capacity of sequestration of their technologies.

Services for biotech companies developing new drugs used in ICU

We are developing services for companies developing new drugs that may be used in the context of extracorporeal circulation to better monitor the ability of their molecules to be sequestrated by medical devices

We are developing innovation

We are using our unique and patented in vitro method to develop new strategies to specifically capture contaminants and unwanted molecules in the blood in collaboration with academic and industrial partners.